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How to write a Review?

How to write a Review?

It is a critical evaluation and appreciation of a poem, story, play, etc. which is usually published in a magazine or a newspaper.

Write a review of the screenplay My Sister's Shoes by Majid Majidi.

My sister's shoes is a part of an Iranian film (Children of Heaven) directed by Majid Majidi. It is about the incidents surrounding the loss of a pair of shoes. Ali, the central character of the film, loses his sister's shoes on the way home. Ali feels very guilty about it and tries to pacify his sister Zahra. Zahra is heartbroken as she did not have another pair of shoes to go to school. The children are aware of the poor conditions of their home. Their mother is unwell and the father refuses to work. And there is a baby to take care of too. Hence they hide the news from their parents. Ali is so sad seeing his sister cry that he offers his own pair of old sneakers until he finds a new pair of shoes for his sister.

The children are seen writing out their conversation in a book. They pass the book to each other quietly so that they do not disturb their parents. The film throws light on the pathetic conditions of certain section of the Iranian society. It is a story of innocence, compassion and the goodness that exists in the human society.

How to write?

  • Begin by writing a few sentences about the story (name of the story, author, main characters etc.)
  • Write briefly about the important events in the story (avoid details)
  • Write what you particularly liked about the story E.g. Who was your favourite character and why?
  • What was your favourite part of the story?
  • How was the language of the story?
  • Did the story make you laugh or cry or happy or sad? (words you could use- Touching, funny, beautiful, humorous etc.)

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