Madhyamam Weekly is one among the most influential periodicals in Kerala, providing indepth reports of social issues. It has brought into focus many political, cultural and literary issues that concern the society. Madhyamam Weekly has, since its launch in 1998, set the terms for informed debates within the society, firmly positioned on the side of the common and deprived people. It has reshaped the reading habits of the Malayali by focusing on real issues instead of the sensational sobstuff and soft porn carried by the mainstream media.



An outstanding and different Sunday special with cream content. For it, Sunday is not a weekend; but a ‘week opener’. It always brings to light the profile of the marginalized, discusses latest socio political and cultural issues and submits serious matters for social discussion. It creates controversies positively as part of social commitment.


Kudumbam, a monthly magazine, is a guide for you to enrich your family life. With its wide coverage on women issues, it redefines the fashion of femininity and stands for the dignity of womanliness. There are lots of interesting contents for kids too in it. Adding flavour to it, the magazine carries special columns on morality, health, cookery, language learning, science, fun tips and much more.



Velichcham is a treasure of knowledge and information, exclusively for the new generation students. It comes to you every Friday and alternate Wednesday as a friend, guide and game. It is a special issue meant to inflame the studiousness and creativity of modern age students. It supplements school lessons, assignments, general knowledge, puzzles etc. Projects under the new curriculum are also featured.



Madhyamam Annuals have been the cultural celebrations and intellectual treat that nobody dare to ignore. They are a cultural event accepted by the discerning Malayali for its informed discussion of issues that matter, as well as for its variety. The pages are rich fare among the best of the year. Madhyamam Annual catches the spirit of the occasion giving it an extended exposure due to the variety of its rich reading matter.



A comprehensive directory of educational opportunities. This annual publication gives complete essential information on openings for higher education, with all relevant details like courses, how to apply, nonconventional arenas etc.