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In the one and half decades of survival, Madhyamam stood for truth, honesty and fearlessness-qualities that had begun to fade out of newspapers in Kerala. It was fulfilling its promise to be a "media breakthrough". It dedicated itself to stand by the readers always in the following words in its inaugural editorial.

"Madhyamam is being placed in your hands. There are many dailies in Malayalam and Madhyamam is joining the fray. Obviously, Madhyamam is coming to the readers with its own mission. It is coming with the promise of becoming a turning point, a breakthrough, in the world of the media. We can offer you no greater promise.

Madhyamam will oppose journalism that titillates the readers and sensationalizes news. It will encourage cinema and other art forms that promote morality and values and oppose that debase human life. It will oppose commercialization of education but uphold the constitutional protection given to the minorities in this regard. All lawful movements of the working class and civil servants to secure their due rights will be supported.

It will encourage ideological struggles against both capitalism and communism. It will stand for balanced economic development of regions and peoples and the rights of all sections to equal opportunities. It will resist the efforts of multinational corporations and monopolies at profiteering and exploitation. It will encourage small, rural and artisanal industries and favour nationalisation of core industries in national interest. It will raise its voice for an exploitation-free, interest free economic system.

In foreign policy, it is opposed to hegemonistic policies of powers, both eastern and western, and supports the liberation struggles of all oppressed and colonized people. It will strongly oppose apartheid, Zionism, terrorism and arms race and support nuclear disarmament

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