We give our share for the cause and care of economically backward patients, suffering from grave diseases
Do you want to help poor patients, suffering from diseases?
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There are hundreds of people in our State who are deprived of basic healthcare due to poverty. As human beings it is our responsibility to lend a helping hand. Santhwanam was launched to provide the best available medical treatment to the economically backward patients with bright prognosis.
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The Manager (Health-Care Programmes)
Madhyamam Daily
P.O. Box: 1708
Silver Hills
Calicut - 673012
Kerala, India
+91-495- 2730848, 2731500
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"We express our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for your noble gesture. We earnestly look forward to your continued support and cooperation in this endeavour to alleviate the sufferings of economically backward patients suffering from grave diseases." - MHCP