Reservation row: UGC suspends teacher appointments

Thiruvanthapuram:  In the wake of row on reservation, USC directed all universities across the country to suspend all teacher appointments. UGC in April last directed universities to implement department-wise roster system for the appointment of teachers.  

In the light of this directive having been challenged first in Allahabad court and then in Supreme Court,  UGC forthwith issued the latest directive to annul all appointments. 

The UGC letter was sent to the universities following Human Resource Development Ministry.  In Kerala,  rules were amended to the effect of applying reservation for each category of position in view of the fact that reservations for each teaching department taken as one unit,  will make a setback to the minorities. 

According to this amended policy,  Assistant Professor vacancies for all departments were taken together as one lot and reservation rotation applied accordingly.  The same norm is to be applied for Associate Professor and Professor positions. 

In line with this, Kerala University recently issued recruitment notification for 105 teaching positions. And in the matter of UGC proposals,  universities including Calicut had sought the opinion of the state government.  It is amidst this that UGC has now suspended all appointments until further orders.  And this at a time when universities in Kerala have hundreds of teaching positions lying vacant.