CPM leaders threatens to slit Balram's tongue

In a continuing spat between the state leadership of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) and outspoken MLA of the Congress, VT Balram over his comments on the personal life of iconic Marxist leader AK Gopalan, a further salvo has been fired by CPM's state committee member M Chandran. 

Chandran threatened that if Balram utters a word about CPM leaders again he would slit his tongue. He also challenged if Balram had the guts to speak against VS Achuthanandan in the Assembly.  Freedom of expression to abuse others cannot be allowed, and there are limits for freedom of opinion, said Chandran.

Balram had posted comments on social media regarding the personal life of AKG and with innuendos about his relationship surrounding his marital relations.   The comments triggered widespread criticism from different quarters and the Congress party's official leadership stopped short of backing him.  However,  individual leaders of the party, such as K Sudhakaran, a bete noire of CPM in his native Kannur district,  did come out in stout defence of the MLA.

In another comment,  district secretary of CPM CK Rajendran said it was not the intent of the CPM to make Balram apologize which he could do at his will.  Let the people of Thrithala (which he represents as MLA) decide who is guilty, he said.  He added that the CPM rank and file love their late leaders more than their kith and kin,  and when such leaders were maligned, the party would react sternly but peacefully.   As such Balram would better not try to escape by speaking in arrogance.

The party has decided to continue non-cooperation with the MLA and to demonstrate at all events where he participated.   And there will be a total boycott,  including by ministers,  of events figuring Balram, Rajendran added.