Make Life Colorful

What is life? Is it for the sake of God we survive each day? A punishment we endure for our existence? No. Planet Earth exists for a reason, the same way as we exist. It’s a place we dwell in, in order to explore possibilities and get refined.The birth of humans itself is a fascinating fact. Same is the case with the evolution of the Earth.  Our answer is the Big Bang theory. But such an explosion would have created a mess in the universe; instead, it brought a timely, systematic and organized species into existence. There is always a reason for everything. Earlier, the world was a better place to live in with little pollution and abundant greenery. However, there were wars and killing and hence pain and suffering. Over 60 million people were killed in the Second World War alone, which was about 3% of the 2.3 billion in 1940.  
There is always a positive and a negative side to both the past as well as present. Humans have advanced to a level unimaginable in the Stone Age.  We have become wiser, more powerful and best adapted for survival. In Herbert Spencer’s words, it is survival of the fittest. However, gadgets control more than half of the world population, not the other way around.  The younger generation, confining themselves to screens, forget their surroundings, and even their very existence. They complain pretty often that they don’t have time for anything. But the truth is most often they spoil their precious time on screens. A myriad number of applications and the social media undermines their smartness, grit and their ability to socialize.
Life is always good when two humans spend time with each other over a coffee, at the beach or park, having some meaningful conversations rather than being glued to their phones. Life is beautiful if childhood memories such as playing on slides, swings and making snow angels could create new memories. Life becomes meaningless when you spend more time on gadgets. Fast forward 20-30 years, the present generation will not have any memories. Will it not be a great loss when we will have nothing to look back at? We must leave something in our life to happily turn back at. Why don’t we then throw away our gadgets?
Now spend time with your family; for yourself. Yes, life is a race; but find time for everything important. Believe in life. It will make our lives more meaningful and colourful.